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mt4cpp - Multithread library for C++

The C++ header-only library for multi-thread programs. Based on boost::thread from boost library (and in near future on C++11 threads) provides additional features, e.g. active object design pattern, queues, serial port with timeout etc.


The library is header-only, You only have to unpack library file and add the 'mt4cpp' directory to include paths in compiler environment. The files scheduler quick start and serial port quick start shows basic library usage.

Compile tests and examples

To compile tests and examples unpack sources and run the 'scons' command in main mt4cpp folder. In some cases the file 'SConstruct' should be modified, e.g. for Windows systems: the variable BOOST_INCLUDE_WINDOWS (line 10) stores the directory for boost include, e.g. 'c:/Boost/include/boost-1_52', the variable BOOST_LIB_WINDOWS (line 12) stores the directory with boost libraries, e.g. 'c:/Boost/lib'.



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