mt4cpp - Active Object

The cpp file with this example: scheduler.cpp. The active object design pattern gives the possibility to run the commands synchronously or asynchronously, it use the thread pool (from boost::thread) and command queue.

Fast start

The user command must define operator()
#include <mt4cpp/Command.hpp>

using namespace mt4cpp;

struct DummyCmd : public Command {

    DummyCmd() {}
    virtual ~DummyCmd() {}

    virtual void operator()(Progress& progress) {

            progress.setProgress(0.5); //send the message about the progress


The command should be executed asynchronously (in another thread, the calling thread will not wait for finish):
#include <mt4cpp/Scheduler.hpp>

using namespace mt4cpp;

Scheduler scheduler(1);
PCommand cmd(new DummyCmd );
scheduler.executeAsynchronously( cmd );
or synchronously (the command is executed in another thread, but the calling thread is waiting for finish or break the command)
scheduler.executeSynchronously( cmd );
The argument of Scheduler constructor is a number of threads in the pool.
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